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Guérande is a magnificently preserved medieval town situated at the end of a peninsular. The thick ramparts of the town overlook the square salt swamps which provide an income for the town.

This natural salt is carefully gathered by the townsfolk using traditional methods, and graces the finest tables in France .

"Gwen Ran" or white town , Guérande owes its livelihood to salt, which in olden times was so precious it was used as currency for commercial transactions. The salt flats are home to a magnificent array of flora and fauna, with egrets and blue heron being possible sightings if you are lucky.

The salt farmers are very respectful of the wildlife, and take care to make as little impact as possible on it.


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The canton of Guérande includes the communes of Guérande, Mesquer, Piriac-sur-mer, Saint-Andre-des-eaux, Saint-Molf and Turballe. The habitants of the commune name themselves guérandais and guérandaises for women. The commune of Guérande is located in the middle of the peninsula guérandaise. This territory is thus called because it is surrounded in the west by the Atlantic Ocean, in the east by the marsh of Brière, in the south by the Loire and in north by the Vilaine. The city is established with the climax (59 meters on the level of the old Small Seminar) of a line of slopes going from Saint-Nazaire to Piriac-sur-mer, offering a sight on the coasts and the back country (towards the marshes of Large Brière). Almost the island of Guérande , particularly the basin occupied by the Salt-water Marshes, enjoys a relatively dry and been windy oceanic microclimate, very changing during the day, under the influence of the tides and the thermal breezes. The local economy is primarily directed towards agriculture (breeding bovines and maraichage, this last in the course of regression) and the tertiary sector or craft industry (SME)). The activities related to tourism are in increase. The market-gardeners produce still sometimes a carrot orange red, average and large diameter: "the carrot guérandaise". On the slope of Guérande was produced a famous red wine, of good guard for the time - 3 to 5 years according to years' -, which was sold in Brittany and was exported towards England . This production regressed during XVIIIe for disparaitre at the beginning of the XXème century. Some stocks still survive in abandoned pieces or slopes. The vines were planted in bottom of slope, of Trescalan with Careil mainly, on argillaceous and deep grounds. The pieces most famous were the "Field Holy Aubin", (or Closed of Pierre) between Guérande and Saillé, and the "Field of Marsillé". Large market saturdays under the markets and in centre town (goshawks of Collègiale) and "small" market Wednesday. The market of Guérande is an institution since hundred years (that of Saturday is former to XIIe century) always alive, and all the year.


aigret of the marshes of guerande

héron ashy

fleur de sel sel guerande sel de guerande A biological richness sel de guerande sel guerande fleur de sel

The low thickness of water of the marsh allows in the light of penetrating until the bottom, where are the elements necessary to the formation of the phytoplankton.

Concentration in vegetable plankton and animal in fact a true natural nursery. The food richness and climatic softness generated by the marshes make of it also the place of predilection of a rare flora and a fauna. A multitude of migratory birds come from the Far North to be strengthened there: plovers, silver plated plovers, curlew, will hérons ashy, white stilts, redshanks, avocets, sandpipers, and all the palmipèdes, of which some very rare, like the goose barnacle.

This richness is worth with the salt basin guérandais to be registered in many inventories: Ramsar, ZNIEFF (Natural Zone of Ecological, Floristic and Faunistic Interest). As for the vegetation, it grows on the slopes, like the cardère, the fennel or the armoise, but the most specific flora and strangest of the marshes east that which generate the salted vases. Among these halophilous plants, the salicorne is most known, for its food values, its diuretic properties, and its gastronomical excellence.




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maritime soude


wild fennel


fleur de sel sel guerande sel de guerande The flora of Guérande sel de guerande sel guerande fleur de sel


This fatty plant pushes as from April in the vicinity immediate of water salted and in particular on the small liftings which channel water in the salt-water marsh. From the end of the summer and in autumn it takes a characteristic red color before drying and decaying. It himself be about a plant edible to taste salt and iodize that one can taste like vegetable, cook or out of salad, or encore as condiment when it be crystallized in the vinegar.



This small shrub with the round and fleshy sheets pushes in very dense colonies with the foot of the bumps of the salt-water marshes. Its flowering which intervenes in summer is not very spectacular, its yellowish flowers being the rather small ones cuts.



In spring the bumps of the salt-water marshes cover yellow flowers: this characteristic of the landscape is due to black mustard. This crucifère of the same family that colza develops along its stems of the small brown seed thimbles containing tiny. Those, crushed and mixed with vinegar will be able to give the famous condiment.



This hardy perennial from 30 to 60 cm in height is also called limonium, lavender of sea, immortal of sands or saladelle in midday. Its purplished flowers preserving their glare a long time once the dried plant, it is often gathered on the marsh. This prohibited practice from now on involved a rarefaction of this protected species characteristic of the maritime marshes.



Herbaceous plant of wet and salted medium, soda is characterized by its sheets out of needles cylindrical half. This plant entered formerly the composition of the "lessit", decoction obtained while making boil a mixture of halophilous plants and vine shoots in a sachet of fabric. The product thus obtained was used then as detergent.



Hardy perennial being able to reach 1 meter in height, the wild chicorey has small sheets lengthened with the deep lobes and flowers sharp blue. Its fruit on the slightly scaly surface belongs to the category of akenes. The chicorey consumption in the form of decoctions, at the time of hepatic diseases, makes it possible to stimulate the secretion of bile and gastric juices. The diuretic and laxative action of this plant is generally employed to relieve the ignitions of the urinary tracts. From its inulin concentration, it is also appreciated in the treatment of the diabetes.


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